1903 Mason & Risch Upright

Sometimes a picture doesn’t do an instrument justice. This one must be seen in person to better appreciate it’s elegance. Romanesque pillars decorate it’s minimally carved panels adding up to a classy but sparse design. In excellent shape mechanically,  this piano comes with the original clawfoot stool.

1906 Karn

Karn “Cabinet Grand” built in Woodstock, Ontario, in 1906. A very elegant and classy cabinet in excellent shape, here is a lovely piano. The original ivories are all intact and perfectly uniform in colouring. Action is easy with a sweet balanced tone from top to bottom.

1919 Heintzman

1919 Heintzman. Simple beauty. Nothing fancy about this cabinet, but boy, what a stunning voice. This piano has a history of teaching young ones to play. It has had but one owner since the Second World War, and was never moved from that home, and being a teacher, it was very well maintained by her owner. Definitely the best sounding upright in the house, if you ask me!

1899 Farrand Player

This is a large piano with a big voice – originally a player, the mechanics were removed at some point in it’s history. Brown mahogany cabinet in excellent shape, if you have room, this is another simple design with some interesting carving on the legs. Farrand made pianos in Detroit under this name from 1897 until 1915 – impossible to be sure, our educated guess puts this old player very close to the 1899 mark.

John Raper

John Raper Piano Co. built this red mahogany upright right here in Ottawa sometime around 100 years ago. Very little is known about this company.

1902 Newcombe Upright

A most stunningly beautiful instrument in both tone and looks. A gorgeous addition to any home, this piano also comes with it’s original clawfoot stool.